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UPDATE (3/10/17): You may now register an account again. Also, added BTC option to the donation page to pay for server.

Wiki Contributors

A special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the existence of this wiki. Without these people, our wiki would either be shut down or nowhere near as complete.

If your name is on this list, the administration greatly appreciates what you've done to help the wiki. You are welcome to make special requests to [email protected] at any time, and if they are feasible we will make them happen.

Top Donators

With server expenses of roughly $20 a month, these people are directly responsible for this wiki remaining online.

  1. Nick Berget - $69
  2. Hwndindu - $50
  3. Mr. Vagtastic - $20
  4. Shoah_Lebeowulf - $5

Verified Editors

All of these people have done an enormous amount of editing, creating and formatting. Without them, the wiki would probably be pretty unappealing.

  • AlexNJ
  • Carrie
  • DrBlacktopus
  • Hwndindu
  • Mr. Vagtastic
  • Testio

Everyone Else

The HWNDU wiki is and has always been open to public registration. More than 70% of our content was created by hundreds of registered users not individually named on this list. This is a community project, and we appreciate that community.

The administration team will remain dedicated to keeping this wiki up 100% of the time and reviewing each and every request we receive from our userbase. Thank you!

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