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Shia Labeouf

A testimony about Shia:


Also known as Even Steven, leader of cucks and earlicker supreme. Used to be a respectable actor until he was raped by /Pol/blart as a kid. Made several attempts to become a man again but always failed due to a lack of hygiene.

Not to be approached without risk. May lick ears and try to rape cute looking boys. Has lost his mind after being BTFO so many times by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Currently on the verge of, and going through, a mental breakdown. Currently holds an 0-4 record versus trolls. His streams have been shut down, his flags have been captured, and his asshole has been divided.


Starting with the obvious motive, Shia Labeouf has described himself as Jewish.

There are also minor indications that may explain his behavior. It is suggested that he was raped as a small boy by Brian Peck. Not only was the rape highly painful and somewhat uncomfortable for LaBeouf it also remembered him of his father. You see, his father is a convicted rapist who undoubtably stretched his ass on a daily basis.

Videographic Evidence of Degeneracy

Videos have surfaced on the social media saved and documented by horrified eye-witnesses all around the globe. The viewer is to be warned that the following contain depictions of extreme triggerings and many lulz.

Video of Jew-Supreme being arrested

Raw Video of Jew-Supreme attacking Mustache man

Shia Sexually Assaulting Minority

The 1488 Event

Shia Labeouf on the verge of a mental breakdown


  1. Can shoot a pingpong ball through the air from his abused asshole.
  2. Hasn't washed his clothes since 9/11 in memory of pilots who died that day.
  3. Once told his mother he loved her and in response to that she had him raped by his father over 9000 times.
  4. Doesn't shower because he wouldn't want to divide from his scent.
  5. Shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
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